Sunday, June 20, 2010

A friend in need...

When I go out to places like restaurants or department stores,I encounter alot of different people. I try my best to smile and be nice as possible. Although it is not easy as it seems, but I try. I am not opposed to giving change to the homeless or giving money to help kids with their fundraisers. We have to remember, no matter how successful we become, we weren't always that way. Don't be too cute, too rich or too bougie to lend someone a helping hand. You never know when you will need help as well.


  1. It is hard to smile and be nice all the time, but your smile may make someone else's day, and that change from the bottom of your purse or the cup holder of your car may make a difference to someone who needs it. We must always remember where we came from and that what has been given can be taken away in a heartbeat. God has blessed us, so why not pass on the blessing? :-)

  2. that's true but you can't trust everybody they will take your kibdness for weakness